Wednesday’s blog

Hi everyone,

It is a beautiful day today. The sun has been out all morning and it has been nice and warm. All the children are still having a great time and everyone is happy.
We have posted letters home so some of you may be lucky enough to get them before you see the children!

Here’s the blog you’ve all been waiting for….the one from the boys!!!

The remaining girls will write our Thursday blog before we leave on Friday.

Hi, it’s Alfie. Reporting from PGL. Today we did rifle shooting and raft building in the morning. And in the afternoon, we did sensory trail and canoeing. On raft building, everybody fell in and the water was cold. Connor was the first to fall in! On canoeing, I was with Ellana and she kept on splashing me with the paddle and I got soaked. And she kept on rocking it to try and capsize. After that, as our night time activity, we did Ambush. Both teams cheated by looking and moving because we’re not allowed to look or move. For dinner we had chicken goujons. If Herbie is sleeping in my bed, tell him to get off and don’t play on the Wii because it’s mine. Love from Alfie.

Hi, it’s Callum. First we did sensory trail. There were ropes for snakes and they felt really realistic and twigs for spiders which everyone got freaked out by and we were blind folded. When we did canoeing, I nearly capsized the boat with Andrew in and Andrew was really nervous. We had to get out into the freezing cold water and push it all the way over to the instructor when it was full of water and nearly sinking. Then we did trapeze. I managed to catch the bar both times because one was really close and one was really far away but it was really high! Rifle shooting was fun but it was loud and we used lead pellets. Hope you’re feeding and watering Spartacus. Love Callum.

Hi, it’s Connor. Today in raft building, like Alfie said I was the first to fall in. The water was absolutely stone cold and my legs went numb. In rifle shooting, I shot 26 points. For one of the shots the rifle bounced back into my chin and it really hurt. But I was fine! We did sensory trail and I was blinded with black goggles. We did canoeing and me and Jamie nearly capsized the boat when we were trying to grab the ducks. Tonight we did Ambush and we drew because we saw each other at the same time in the end. Mum, dad, just so you know I’m absolutely fine, nothing is wrong with me. Just so you know Dan, do not go in my room, it is forbidden! Love from Connor.

Hi, Andrew here. Today first thing in the morning we had a breakfast of sausage, beans and mushrooms and it was delicious however my beans got cold. Then my group did the sensory trail and we got blindfolded and had to follow a rope round an obstacle course. Then we did canoeing and me and Callum nearly capsized the boat so we had to pick it up and give it to the instructor to take all the water out and we were soaked by the end. Then I did trapeze and we climbed up a pole to a platform to jump onto the bar. Even though I didn’t have to jump because I’m tall! Next we did rifle shooting and I got one of the best scores. But I don’t think I’m ever going to be holding a real gun in my life! Love from Andrew. PS mum and dad, I hope the cats aren’t missing me too much!

Hi, it’s Thomas. I am having the best time ever! I hope my sister is not sad and trashing my bedroom! I miss you lots and I want to come home. I didn’t like trapeze but I did get to the top and jump off. I’m really looking forward to what we’re doing tomorrow. We are going to be doing archery and zip wire. Love from Thomas.

Hi, it’s Conor. I really liked raft building even though at the end Adam pushed me in the lake and it was freezing! We did canoeing. It was really fun even though when it was the race me and Jamie kept going in circles and we couldn’t get it straight. And by the time we did everyone was at the end. I really can’t wait for what we are doing tomorrow. We’re doing the giant swing and fencing, challenge course and climbing. Really missing you. Love from Conor.

Hi it’s Adam. I’m having a really great time. We did raft building and canoeing today. Canoeing was actually really easy and fun. And it was a dry session so that’s nice! Raft building was very wet and cold. We did rifle shooting. I was quite good. I hit the target 5 times. We did sensory trail which was really dark and we were blindfolded. Hopefully Evie won’t cry when I get home! Love from Adam.

Hi it’s Jamie G. I’m having the best time ever and don’t want to come back! The best thing about it so far was probably abseiling. I did it 3 times. I wanted to do it again! Trapeze was very fun but I nearly slipped. At raft building, I got soaked and now I’ve got some very wet clothes. On rifle shooting I nearly shot someone else’s target because I forgot to aim properly. Ambush was very fun. We won 2-1 (except we cheated!). Hopefully the cats haven’t peed on my bed! Love from Jamie.

Hi, it’s Jamie L. For starters I’ve really enjoyed abseiling which was my first activitiy. My second one was aeroball. We had to chuck the ball into the hoop and after we did that we played a game called hot potato which you have to chuck the ball away before the instructor gets down to one. I’m having a really good time at PGL. It’s the best school trip I’ve ever been to! All the people are very nice. They keep you safe and make sure you go to bed and the teachers do. Even though I’m having a very good time I still miss my parents very much. This is once in a life time opportunity to go to this trip. Everyone should go because it’s really, really fun. Love from Jamie.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s blog

  1. Helen

    Hi Ilana & everyone, I wish you all a great last day enjoy your last morning & it sounds like you have had an amazing adventure. Ilana I miss you loads & I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Love you sweetheart xxx

  2. the Lawrences

    Hi Everyone
    So glad you are having a great time. Hope you are all enjoying getting your groove on at the disco! Connor sounds like you did well at the shooting apart from the gun in the chin. Dan has not been in your room so don’t panic. Hi to Danielle and Abs. Cant wait to see you all tomorrow and hear more about your exciting week. Have missed you terribly Connor but very proud of you trying all those activities. See you tomorrow love Connors Mum xxxx

  3. Sarah Lawrence

    Hi Connor and everyone
    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Trust you Connor to fall in first and getting butted in the face by a gun my Mr Bean!. I am surprised Alfie isn’t still stuck on the lake with his canoe after past experiences! Hope everyone enjoys their last night and you have a great time getting your groove on at the disco. Cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear more about your activities. Hi to Danielle and Abbie. Dan has not been in your room Con just the cats have been sleeping on your bed!
    See you all tomorrow
    Connors Mum xxxxxxx

  4. Mrs Lee

    Hi there to you all,
    I am really loving reading your blog posts and the messages from your families.
    Have a brilliant last night at PGL.
    Mrs Lee

  5. birmingham

    Hi all

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time you must all exhausted!!!!
    Afie don’t worry the Wii has not been touched since you left and Herbie is not using your bed but I found a homeless person an he said your bed is very comfortable
    Love you loads can’t wait to see you tomorrow
    Mummy daddy and Herbie

  6. Sarah L

    Hi Conor,
    Lovely to hear from you I can just imagine you going round in circles while you were canoeing what’s Adam like pushing you in!! Hope you enjoyed the giant swing & fencing! Sounds like you are having a lovely time! Looking forward to seeing you Friday Love Mum,Dad & Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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