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Hi everyone,

We seem to have better access to the internet during the day time so expect to see our blogs in the mornings rather than the evenings. I’m sure you’re all wondering about the weather. We have heard about thunder storms and lightning back home but we have been fairly lucky so far. There were some very heavy downpours yesterday but fortunately they seem to have come when we were doing indoor activities! Only one group got a bit soggy while abseiling. Having said that, the group who did raft building definitely got very wet but not for the same reasons!!! (And no, I didn’t go in!) Today is looking like rain showers agains and very windy so we are just hoping that it holds off while we’re outdoors!

Here is the news from some children. A different room will blog for today and we’ll post that tomorrow morning.

Miss Simmons

Hi this is Sophie

Tuesday group 2 had aero-ball then we had abseiling down this huge thing. After that we had lunch and stuffed our faces, as well as that we went to the trapeze then Jacob ladder which no one got the hang of (except Robyn) . I am having the best time ever here but I really miss my family. Also all the boys tried to show off to the girls.

Hi this is Libby,

Today my first activity was raft building. I must have fallen in about five times. It was freezing cold. It was epic but cold. My second activity was fencing. My jacket was red as well as my mask. I lost a couple of fencing matches but some of them I won. After lunch I went abseiling. I was scared at first but then I did it. Then I went aero-ball. It was awesome. I’m missing my mum, my brother, my sister, my dog and my dad lots. And I love you Ruby.

Hi this is Grace,

Tuesday, today group 1 had abseiling and we all went down 3 times it was EPIC,
After that we had aero-ball, aero-ball is a type of game on a trampoline and it has a cross between basketball. We had lunch and then went straight back out, to our next activity Jacobs ladder, no one managed to get to the top apart from Robyn.
We had trapeze after and Emily went up to the top even though she is afraid of heights. I miss you mum, loads. I can’t wait to see you at the end of the week, I’m going to be shattered!

Hi this is Ellie,

Today, group 2 went on Aero ball and mine and Sophie’s group called epic delusionals won. Then after that we did abseiling. This is were you bounce backwards off of this giant wall. After lunch we had trapeze and Jacobs ladder. Jacobs ladder was really scary. I miss you mum, dad, Jordan and Robbie.

Hi this is Robyn,

I got to the top of Jacob’s Ladder and it was fun. I’m the only one who got to the top! When we did trapeze, I missed the bar but it was fun. One of my favourite things was abseiling. I liked aeroball too. I can’t wait for tomorrow because we’re doing raft building, canoeing and rifle shooting. Hello to the family. Thank you for paying for the trip.

Hi this is Ania,

Today we did raft building and I fell in the water straight away. Abbie was the first to fall in and she pulled Andrew in straight away. When I fell in, Abbie had just got back up and I pulled her in again. In aeroball me and Abbie had a match at the end and I beat her 12-1. I love PGL. Tomorrow we’ve got canoeing and sensory trail. I’m missing everyone. I love you Maija and Julia.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Blog

  1. sonu.m

    Hi Esha
    It looks like you are having lots of fun.we all miss u lots.see u very soon on friday

    Love shyam dad and mum

  2. Libby's mum & sister Ruby

    Hi Libby, it’s Ruby, I really miss you. I cried on Monday because we forgot to have our fruit flakes together. I’m saving them until you get back. I was happy when mummy read the blog to me. I love you xxx

    Hi Libs,
    Why am I not surprised that you fell off the raft 5 times :0) are you sure you didn’t jump??? That really made me laugh when I read that. Well done doing the abseiling, I bet it is really scary. We miss you so much but we are really happy your having a great time. Can’t wait until Friday to see your gorgeous smile.
    Love Mum xxx

  3. Tracy

    Hey Sophie,
    Finally saw your blog! Sounds like your having a blast- Epic Delusions?? trust you and Ellie…. Hope you are letting Ellie sleep at night, we know what you two are like when your together. Seems harsh that you only have 2 more days bet that it’s going really fast for you. Enjoy yourself, lots of love Mum, Paul, Chloe and Jamie ( oh and don’t you worry about the BOYZ!)

  4. Libby's mum & sister Ruby

    Hi Sissy, it’s Ruby, I miss you so much. I liked hearing mummy read your blog message to me. I cried on Monday because we forgot to have our fruit flakes together, so I am saving them until you come back. I am happy you are having fun.
    Love Ruby xxx

    Hi Libs,
    Why am I not surprised you fell in the water!!! Are you sure you didn’t jump in??? That really made me laugh :0) Well done for doing the abseiling, I bet it was really scary. We are all fine, but missing you so much. Can’t wait until Friday to see your beautiful smile. Enjoy every minute.
    Love Mum xxx <3

  5. Ewa

    Hi everyone
    good to hear you are having a good time, sending some sun over, see you all Friday.
    miss you to Ania xx

  6. Emily's Dad

    Hi Em,

    It sounds like you are all having an ‘epic’ time ;-). Well done for going to the top of the trapeze, you must have been really brave! Olivia was pointing at a picture of you on my tea cup yesterday so I think she is missing you, Robin says he isn’t missing you but I think he is secretly. I hope you have had a great day and it hasn’t rained too much. Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

    All our love,

    Dad, Mum, Olivia and Robin

  7. Sarah L

    Hi everyone
    Thanks girls for telling us all about the fab activities you are doing, sounds like you are having so much fun. Well done Emily for facing your fear of heights and well done Robyn what a superstar. Cant wait to hear more about your adventures. Please say hi to Connor and all the boys too. Has Connor and Alfie stopped talking yet?
    Enjoy the rest of your week, missing you big time Connor Lawrence!
    From Connor L’s mum.xx

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