Thursday’s PGL blog

Hey everyone.

Here is the last blog from PGL from Thursday. We will be seeing you all later! Our lunch is at 12.30 so we might be leaving a little later than we originally thought. I would guess around 1.30 so we should be back around 4 if the traffic is ok. We will of course ask the office to text you when we set off and when we are nearing Hemel.

Hi it’s Emily. Today we did challenge course, giant swing, fencing and climbing. My favourite one was probably challenge course. At fencing, everyone beat me. On challenge course I almost fell off one of the climbing bits. The disco was fun. I miss you guys and I’m coming home soon! Love from Emily.

Hi it’s Zuzia. Everything we did today was amazing. My favourite had to be giant swing because you got scared when the swing started off. But it wasn’t very comfy! Climbing was also fun because they had weird shapes of vegetables to climb on. Fencing was funny because you had to put on an uncomfortable mask and a sword. In the middle of a match with Grace, my sword fell apart! The disco was phenomenal. However they didn’t have my favourite song. Can’t wait to see you guys. Love Zuzia.

Hi it’s Abbie. We did climbing, Jacob’s ladder, zip wire and archery. My favourite was Jacob’s ladder because it was really hard and really fun at the same time. I actually got to the top of the climbing wall even though I normally don’t. The disco was amazing, we all looked beautiful (apart from the boys!). I miss you guys so much. See you tomorrow. Love Abbie.

Hi it’s Esha. I am really enjoying it here at PGL. My favourite activities were abseiling and canoeing and I really miss my parents – but not my brother! The disco was amazing and all my friends and me looked gorgeous. Especially Abbie because I love her hair. I can’t wait to go home however I still want to be here. It was epic! Love Esha.

Hi it’s Danielle. I enjoyed PGL and my favourite activity was trapeze. My least favourite activity was canoeing because I had to fall in and I didn’t like it because I got wet. The disco was great. I danced with all my friends. I helped Connor compete against another boy in dancing. He had to keep on practising until he did it correctly. Miss you lots and lots, love Danielle.

Hi it’s Holly. I’m loving PGL but can’t wait to come home. Thank you for the cards because it really made me feel happy. My favourite activity at PGL was the challenge course and climbing. Some activities were hard and some activities were easy but I tried each and every one apart from abseiling. Can’t wait to see you. Hope you’re ok. Love Holly.

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  1. Libby's mum

    Hi guys,
    Yay it’s Friday!!!! Can’t wait for you to get home Libby, we have missed so much. Ruby is so excited & has been counting down the sleeps! She is super excited about going to her first school disco later. Tilly misses you too & will probably jump up like a crazy dog when she sees you. Sounds like you all loved the disco. See you all this afternoon.
    Love Libby’s mum Helen xxxx

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