The Dark Figure

Liam was strutting along with his dog Fang. Suddenly Fang started going insane because he spotted a dark figure named shadow in a window of a cabin. Liam wondered what it was. Then he decided to go have a look. As they drew closer to the cabin an immense barrel of toxic waste splatted all over them. All of a sudden flying out of the distance was Flash Man with his super dog Power.
Because Flash Man was feeling weak, he got a flash his brain that he should drink the toxic. He knew he could not destroy mastermind shadow.

One thought on “The Dark Figure

  1. Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)

    Hi Libby and Logan, well done for entering the 100WC this week, I thought it was quite a difficult prompt.
    Your capital letters and full stops are all accurate, which is very important to help your writing flow for your readers.
    You have also used some exciting vocabulary to bring your story to life; strutting, insane, spotted, figure, immense and splatted. Some of your vocabulary is very fitting for comic writing, well done.
    If I have to give you something to work on, it would be to try to use more exciting words to begin your sentences. Have you tried using verbs/adverbs to open your sentences? They are very powerful.
    Well done to the two of you and keep writing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker, Wirral, UK

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