The battle

“Let’s tell someone!” said Lixe even though she knew they could not leave him.
“Sister we need to get away now!” Jamie said in a pained voice. He was still scrutinizing with his disgusting ivory teeth. Jamie’s strange memories of the place were affecting him. “You shouldn’t of done that. Now you’ll regret it!!!” The man charged forward and seized Jamie by the neck and opened his mouth to bite him but half-consciously Jamie head butted him and snapped his tooth. He then grabbed a stick and knocked him down and left taking his sister as well. They left victoriously.

One thought on “The battle

  1. Kathy @ Team 100WC, Portland, OR, USA

    Sonny you have written a really great adventure story – nice work! You did a wonderful job of building up the action and drama of the story, and I could so easily see this set in the format of a comic. Very nice job.

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