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5 thoughts on “PGL

  1. Jennie.b

    Hi Ellana,
    It sounds like you had fun raft building !bet you liked splashing the boys !! Did you fall in ?
    Can’t wait to see you on Friday ,we have all missed you loads
    Love you
    Mum,Dad,Jamie , Ferb and ween xxxxx

  2. simone coston

    Hi this is jamie ly mum hope hes ok and having a great time 🙂 cant wait to see you and hear all the stuff you been doing miss you loads love mum and demi xxx

  3. Cowans Crew

    Hi Robyn,
    Well done for getting to the top of the Jacobs Ladder 🙂 Amari says she is really missing you…as we all are. Sounds like your having loads of fun and doing some great things xxxx Be safe, have more fun and see you Friday. Love you heaps xxx Marley sends some snuggle cuddles xxx Jackson says have a good time and be brave xxx


    Hey girl… So glad you’re having a good time, it sounds like you’re really busy and packing lots of things in to the days, I bet you really enjoyed the abseiling and Jacobs ladder, definitely your sort of thing.. you are very brave doing the Trapeze..not sure I could have! We miss you too, It’s a lot quieter here… Enjoy every moment, as it will go quicker than you think…:) , looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday, xxxxxxx

  5. Rosie's mum and dad

    Hi Rosie!
    We hope you are having a great time, cant wait to hear all about it when you get home.
    Miss you lots, see you Friday xx

    Love Mum, Dad, Louis, Poppy and Allan

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