I’m so exited about pgl but I’m going miss my family a little bit it’s going to be really fun

5 thoughts on “PGL

  1. Andy H

    Hi Danielle

    Hope you are having a great time, we are all missing you and the house is really quiet and tidy without you!

    Ellie says hi, Sean says can you stay another week and Carly loves your bed!

    Mum and dad really miss you and cannot wait to see you on Friday- have a lovely time.

    Mum, Dad, Ellie Sean & Carly


  2. Abbie's Mum

    Hi Abs, hope your having a fab time? Ty said he missed you today but I’m glad of the quiet lol!!!!
    Cannot wait to hear all your news, we love you lots
    Love mum dad and tiggy xXx

  3. Sarah L

    Hi Conor, Hope you are having a fab time with all your friends & enjoying all the activities! Can’t wait to hear all your stories the house is very quiet without you.

    Love you Mum, Dad & Sophie xxxxxx

  4. Helen

    Wishing my baby girl ilana & all her friends a fab time. Hope you all try out something new. Helen (Ilana’s mum) xx

  5. Tracy

    Hey Sophie … I trust your having an AMAZING time already. Paul sent me a very funny photo of you boarding the bus. Miss you but hope you have lots and lots and lots of fun… Look after each other and stay warm!
    Love you lots Mummy xx

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