Monday’s PGL Blog

Hi everyone,

Sorry our blog is so late. We have had some internet difficulties!!! We will try to get another post on this evening but we will see what happens….

Here is the news from Monday!

Today we have been doing loads of activities! They are really super fun! I bet you year 5’s will LOVE it when you go to PGL. I miss you all! The food here is delicious and it fills you up. The cabins are quite big and there are three bunk-beds in each cabin. We did a ‘night activity’ and it was quite scary. We needed torches to find out where stuff was. HOPE YOU MISS ME! From Rosie C

Today we had an activity which we had to run around the site and had to find different flags it was really fun. Niall would love it. We just ran, I fell down a hill, it was cool. From Lelainia

Hey this is Ellana missing you all. We are having sooooo much fun so far today. For tea we had mash and sausages . I am in a room with Lilly ,Amy ,Ilana, Kacey and Rosie . miss you mum xxx. Haha pushed Miss Simmons over on a squishy mat. Was so funny. We did a thing where we had to walk around the site with some people. We got lost haha . I have to go now see you later . xxxxxx :] . BYE.LOVE ELLANA B

Hey hey!!! IT’S ILANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in a group with my friends and we have played all around world we had a country and we had to answer the questions!!!!

Hi today we did loads of activities. The night activity was fun because we got to walk around on our own. I hope you miss me I miss you.
Lots of love Amy xxxxxx

Hello this is kacey we had the best time running outside in the dark.
YAY I can’t wait for doing the big swing. Bye, see you later xxxxxx

15 thoughts on “Monday’s PGL Blog

  1. 08amyw

    That was really funny that evening me Ilana Ellana Rosie Lilly and Kacey got lost doing passport to the world had lots of fun though!

  2. Daddy,Mummy & Amari C

    Amari misses you LOADS, Hi Robs, glad to hear you are having fun hunny – enjoy the rest of the week Dad xxx Marley say hiya xx
    jackson says enjoy the rest of the week and be brave….and Mum says love you, miss you and see you Friday. Xxxx

  3. Rosie

    Hey guys its Rosie so glad to hear your having a great time!!!!

    Hope there’s not to much rain

  4. Ellie, Danielle's sister

    Hi Danielle

    Hope you are having a fantastic time at PGL hope your bed is nice and comfy. I can’t wait to hear about all the fun activities you are doing. I can’t wait to go next year it sounds fun. See you on Friday for the Halloween disco I am really missing you, see you soon.
    Hello to Abbie and Emily hope you are having fun too.

    Love Ellie

  5. Rosie's mum and dad

    Hey Rosie! Glad to hear your having a great time, we can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Miss you lots
    Mum, dad, Louis, poppy and Allan xx

  6. Libby's mum

    Hi Libby,
    Hope you are having a great time. We miss you & can’t wait until Friday! Even Mitch misses you! Ruby sends kisses. Can’t wait to read the next blog.
    Love mum, dad, Mitch, Ruby & Tilly xxx

  7. birmingham

    Hi all
    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time!!
    We are missing you millions, Herbie keeps asking me when you will b home
    Hope you are enjoying all your activities have you been in a canoe yet ha he ha
    Love you loads
    Mummy, daddy and Herbie xx

  8. Abbie's mum

    Hi abbie, me again my message seems to been cut short, who knows what I did lol getting old!!
    We love you lots cannot wait to hear what you have been doing!!!

    Lots of love mum dad and tiggy
    P.s ty said he missed you tonight lol (he does love you)

  9. Tracy

    Hey Sophie. Hope the rain isn’t pouring down there like it is here! Thunder too….. good job your not scared! well we are starting to miss you, the house seems really quiet… Just spoken to Gopi and she has started up Contemporary classes again on Tuesday, but she has saved a space just for you! one of her star dancers 🙂 I hope you get to read/post tonight . Love you babes xx

  10. Helen

    Hi all, it sounds like you are having loads of fun & trying all types of activities giving you all a fantastic experience in your last year of primary. Have plenty more more miss you ilana love ilana’s mummy xxx

  11. Danielle's Family

    Hi Danielle

    Sounds like its great fun! We are really missing you so much and can’t wait to see on Friday.

    Ellie says hi, Sean says hello, Carly loves your bed and Mum and Dad cannot believe how quiet and tidy it is without you here.

    Love you lots

    Mum, Dad, Ellie, Sean and Carly

  12. Abbie's

    Hi Abs, hope your having a fab time? Tigs is missing you but I’m glad of the quiet!! Lol

  13. Jennie B

    Hi Ellana ,
    Glad you’re having a good time , bet you are not getting much sleep.
    Poor miss Simmons , no pushing her in the lake :)) .
    Ferb is sleeping on your bed I think he misses you .
    Keep having fun
    Love you

  14. Lilly's Mum

    Great to hear you are all having fun. Enjoy your week, and miss you lilly, George hopes your enjoying it as much as he did last year.

  15. Mrs Field

    Sounds like your all having fun. I don’t think I would of liked running around in the dark. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, aren’t I Kacey. So girls, are you getting much sleep? I can imagine there’s lots of giggling going on. Have lots of fun on all your activities. I will keep reading your blog. Bye for now.

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