I’m so bored

Hi this is a random blog cos I have nothing to do so I decided to play on my phone however I got bored all over again. So now I am typing a random blog. Here’s a riddle a butcher is size 8 shoes so what does he weigh? He ways meat! That was a
bit random. At the moment I am face timing holly m and she is also doing a blog so
it should be somewhere round here. Christmas is so close! Unfortunately my baby sisters. Bday is 2 days before Christmas so she gets double pressies. On Friday my brother is having one of his little friends round so I have to tidy my room which makes no sense. And my mum is babysitting my cousins (Gabriel and Lila) as well. But I am going to my Nan’s house for a sleepover so i don’t care that much. On Saturday I am going home, Irish dancing and Anias party which I can’t wait for! My mum said she’s making a cake for it but I’m not so sure she will cos she has a lot to do. Now I am randomly going to talk about pgl. It was so fun but I didn’t do abseiling though but did the rest but holly didn’t do abseiling either so I don’t really care that much. I can’t get the trapeze out of my head it creaped me out so bad. While we did it illana knocked of one of the poles which was hilarious. I am now bored of writing a blog so comment below and bye bye!!!!!!!