Children homeless for christmas

An amount of over 80,000 children homes for christmas. A family of three 2 children and 1 adult living in a really squished apartment. Most of these childrens life they have not had a home to live in. They had to share the bedroom.When they lived in hospital after there mum dropped out of work a month before they moved in to hostal. They had one bunck bed and one single bed. And then they had to share a living and it was very small and costafobic.

This means that many children have not got proper homes.The local goverment can only afford to live in a B&B as the only operation they have. It is the only choice they had.

Local housing minister Kris Hoppings £1 billion trackle to homelessness.

The Goverment reseach that there is department for comunities to the local goverment that 82,000 children are temperaly in accomidation in march this year