Chapter 2

Suddenly a huge man steps outside and stares at them, slowly getting closer and closer. Then the next time they blinked he was wright next to them. The man looks back at the house and smiles, they stare frightened. They run into the house there is a letter on the mirror in red, they read it says ‘payback’ they don’t understand what he meant and what the redness was. They start to worried in case it was blood. Then they look down, the redness was only lipstick. They look out of the window he is gone. They turn he is there but then…

One thought on “Chapter 2

  1. Jilanne Hoffmann (Team 100)

    Hi Morgan,
    It’s very scary to be faced with a person/monster who can appear and disappear at will. The word written in red lipstick, “payback,” also heightens the tension since it has such an ominous meaning. Nicely done!

    Jilanne (Team 100)

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