Chapter 2: Ghost by AndrewM

The man in the window pulled out a shotgun ready to fire, aiming, slowly pulling the trigger back. BOOM…!


The next morning, all that could be heard was the soft whistle of the spring breeze. A scarlet coating layered up on the plastic window-sill, the face of George no longer facing the two figures of John and Sara. Instead, a small note lay tucked in a crack in the plastered wall to the side of the death.


Out of the corner of Sara’s, a white ghost sluggishly floated around the room. This was what killed him, this was the murderer…

One thought on “Chapter 2: Ghost by AndrewM

  1. Mrs Rowland (Team 100wc)

    This is a gripping story! I like the way you change from the climax of the shooting to the next morning, leaving the reader hooked, wanting to know what happened.
    Your descriptive language is wonderful- A scarlet coating is a brilliant way to describe the pool of blood.
    I would love to read more!
    Mrs Rowland, Essex ( Team 100wc)

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