100 word chanllenge by brandon

Out of no were came a mysterious black figure. Suddenly turned and looked at them with its yellowish cube like teeth. Snorted at them both without a doubt thinking to themselves should is he an assign or not. ”AHHH” said Jim and Sahara. They ran and ran until the mysterious black figure followed them right to there to their very doorstep. Then the monster disappeared into the thin air… Thinking he doesn’t want to be found out. It was only the next day when they saw the mysterious black figure for the final time before it disappeared forever and ever.

One thought on “100 word chanllenge by brandon

  1. Andy Knill Team 100 WC

    Brandon, thanks for your entry. I could follow your tale but check as you seem, to repeat ideas sometimes. I am pleased that the mysterious figure has gone for ever.

    Andy Knill,Team100WC, Essex, UK

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