100 word challenge by sam and Gioia

Suddenly we spotted a raven, black figure peering through the window. It was gazing at us while we were staring at it. As we were staring, a flash off lightning hit the house and the raven black figure had disappeared into the shadows. We couldn’t believe what we had seen that moment. As quick as a flash, it appeared again while we were joyfully playing. Then we knottiest there wasn’t just a man in the window, there was a lady beside him. It looked much creepier with a lady as well. The next day, it happened again. It was peculiar…

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge by sam and Gioia

  1. Debbie (Team 100WC) Liverpool

    Well done Sam and Gioia, a great descriptive story that built up the tension and left you wondering what was happening. I liked your description of the spooky figure as raven, black – gives you a creepy feeling! Well done.


    good ideas – you have used good descriptive words and its pretty spooky! well done Caroline

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