100 Word Challenge By Ellie R


There it was the man staring at me with evil glowing eyes. I stood there in fear hoping that nothing was going to happen until ………”AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” said the girl in fear. Somehow the devilish looking man suddenly appeared behind us taking deep breaths that we could feel at the back of our necks. He was getting closer and closer with a giant net.


We ran for our life hoping that he wouldn’t catch us but it was too late………..

All we saw was the green stinky net wiping across our face then BOOM!!!! i never saw my best friend again.

By Ellie




One thought on “100 Word Challenge By Ellie R

  1. Mrs DW team 100- Torquay

    Wow Ellie I could feel your terror as this devilish man came towards you and could feel his breath on your necks. Lovely use of suspense and description.

    Well done. Great job.

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