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Tyler’s 100 word challenge

Chapter 2

Joe was an irritable and horrendous man. His shadow crept over.  Closer.  Closer. Little by little his shadow crept in the cracks in the door. He had gore over his pearl white suit. He had just assassinated Dudley and Mabel’s friend James.

“You are a menace to society!” shrieked Mable at the top of her voice.  They then legged it for survival. That was a bad move. Joe’s Mahican came off the top of his head; it split Dudley in half. He lay in two pieces on the floor. Joe’s Mahican returned to his head. Mabel was ensnared…

CSKA Moscow punished for fans racist Toure chants Writen By Tyler C

Russian football club CSKA Moscow have been punished after some of their fans chanted racist abuse at Manchester City player Yaya Toure. UEFA have banned the supporters from the next chapions leauge tie. The russian club has had a fine due to the fact that Yaya Toure complained about the racial abuse during the match against Manchester city on the 23rd of October 2013. CSKA Moscow has denied the fact but UEFA has kept their decision after a rumour in Switzerland. They said:

“The European governing body has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination on the pitch and in the stands.” Earlier this year, in May, UEFA decided that there would  be a  full stadium closure, along with a fine of 50,000 euros (£42,800)!   

Here is the real website it is from.