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Robyn 100 word challenge

As I turned around the rusty steel gate slammed shut. There was no escape! I couldn’t hear myself think the defining silence was roaring louder. As the moon rose higher into the midnight sky I felt an immense shiver run down my frail and shaken spine. As I looked down a reedy shadow emerged. I could feel my heart pounding wilder. As I turned round there he mounted, my worst nightmare there before my own eyes. His pale white face whiter than snow and his jet black eyes staring at me. His lingering words were ‘prepare to meet your end!’

More than 80,000 children homeless for Christmas

It is said that emergency accommodation , mostly in one single room , is incredibly high infact the highest it has been for 10 years.  This means that  lots of children and families dont have proper homes to live in and be comfortable in  .The Local Government Association said there’s a lack of housing that families can afford, so B&Bs are the only option in most of the cases.

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