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100 Word Challenge By Jodie

“Quickly run! We have no time for questions!” I announced. “Tell me who is he!” Sophie yelled. All of a sudden we turned around to find the man wasn’t at the window no more. Seconds later a hot breeze touched the back of my neck. I tried not to look back but I had to. I saw the same face I saw on the night of my father’s death. The ghostly eyes witch spooked me out. The murderer of my father……
He pulled a razor sharp knife out of his pocket. We tried to run but it was too late…….

By Jodie

Reality talent shows X Factor and The Voice – should the best singers always win?

click here to read the orginal story from cbbc newsround


Sam Callahan ( x factor contestant ) has been getting bad comments on his vocals.  Apparently Gary was annoyed that he did not go into the bottom two Gary said to Sam “I just want to remind everyone this is a singing competition – that’s all I need to say,” after he sang ‘re-light my fire’. Apparently the only reason he is getting through is because of his looks and girls vote for him.

Here is a few post from people hwho watch x factor, thanks to cbbc news round:

Grace, Warrington, England

I don’t think the best singer should always win because if the worst wins it will give them a chance to get better at singing.

Sophie, Cardiff, Wales

If it’s supposed to be a competition to see who’s the best singer, then the best singer should win. Even if someone looked absolutely appalling but was the best at singing, then they should win! If people want to be judged on looks, go into Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model or another modelling competition.

Lauren, England

I think that people who can’t sing as well should not win as there are a lot of people who really need to win and who are amazing at singing. It is quite unfair if you think about it!

Williams, Berkshire, England

I don’t think it’s fair if people only get through for appearance, it’s the talent that counts that is why they are called ‘Talent Shows’!


Thank you from cbbc’s newround website.