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Hi guys its Jade what books are you reading at the minute! Ive read: The Lost by Gillian Cross Im reading: Going solo by Roald Doahl Also what would you rate that book? What is it about?

Part of a giant platypus fossil has been found in Australia.

People have named this weird and wonderful creature ‘platypus-zilla’ and said it would have been huge when compared to an ordinary platypus, it measured more than 1 metre long! They were dicoverd about 245 million years ago.It has bumps on its teeth and other bones are found nearby suggest that the creature feasted on crustaceans, turtles, frogs and fish.This animals tooth that was found in Queensland.Scientists suggest that it could have shared the same bizarre like-like as today’s platypuses, with their duck-like beeks, big webbed feet and poisonous buds. Not many platypus fossils have been found and so the finders have difficulty getting a full picture of the creature’s history.