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I drownd- 100 word challenge

Me and my big brother were fighiting as useall. Obviously this was not new. We allwsays had a fight but this time it was diffrent. We were fighting about wether we were fighting or not. So mum said ” You need to sort your prblems out, I tell you what go on a walk round the river bend ” And we looked at each other and I got the felling we were thincking of the exact same thing. The thing is wait a sec, I dont think I’v told you my name im called Tom oh yeh and my brother hes called Jack. Anyway we decided to do what mum said and take a walk round the river bend. wile we were there I sepped way back from the flood plane (just in case) but you have to always put family first. I dont think jack uderstood that saying because as i was looking at the fish he pushed mr right in and my feet were stiking out the water, by the time i got home i was  soaking wet and i new it was me in troble…

sniffing for trouble

There brave. There breath taking. And there a police dog

The police have been saying that a police dog should get money when it retiers. This is not supprising as the police are verry loving to there dogs. so far everything has been working out well withe the new stratagy. Starting next month all of the force’s 26 dogs will be given £1500 to be used on medical bills after they finish working for the police.  but lets hope the police dont run out of money right.


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