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I am so bored

Hi guys this I a random blog post because I am bored. I started to play on my iPod and do maths with my brother but that still made me bored. So I decided to do a blog post. As you have probably seen EmilyS’s blog post we are Face Timing each other while doing this. Emily gave you a riddle so I am going to give you one.

If there is a triangle from me to you to the wall who’s triangle is it.

Comment below if you know

Chapter 2 100 Word Challenge Holly

There was a door, a black door. I opened the door and sensed that it wasn’t a good idea, but something drew me to it. As I walked in the room it went dead silent. I got a frightening shiver up my spine. Then out of nowhere… AAAHHH.

A face, a large face, I recognised it. Not that face again how could it be NNNNNOOOOOO.  I ran and I ran but he caught up with me. The face was dark and creepy, lumps all over its bulging forehead and blood dripping from its pouting mouth. I ran then I …

Miss Isaac

Hello this is Holly,

This year i have a suggestion on what we can do when we send off the shoe boxes. Well i bet most people have seen the news about the Philippines and how they are suffering so i wondered if we could send the shoe boxes to the Philippines this time.