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100 Word Challenge#13 – By Colie

As he told his partner ( James) to leave, his partner wanted to inspect himself… As they cautiously strolled over to the creaky wooden door, he asked the him “ How do you know this place? What do you know about it Tom”. Tom was shivering with fear as he told him what happened. “ My father’s ghost is there, that’s where my father dead, he was stabbed by my mother”. James was terrified but he still approached the hazelnut brown door. As the door opened, it creaked… They could already hear Tom’s fathers ghost. What will happen next?

How to keep safe with firework. By Colie

To make sure that your safe when your having fireworks please read this text. Fireworks are fun but can harm many people if your not carefully. So make sure that young children are watching from a long distance. Response adults should handle these kind of objects as they may set alight all of a sudden. You should be over the age of 18 to buy fireworks. It’s illgal for young children to buy fireworks.

The things you should remember are:

Always plan your display and make safe and enjoyable

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