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Aniekan and Harvey 100wc #13

He came closer and closer but never stopped, he paused for a moment. He stared me in the eye. My heart was pounding so much that it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. He chased me through the woods my son raced past me like a flash of lightning. An ugly face stared at me when I turned around to see if he was still chasing me. His skull was browed and dry like a rock; he had no teeth but he could talk like a human. He pointed his gun at me then BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Satellite falls to Earth by Aniekan

A satellite nickname Ferrari of Space has crashed to earth.

The ESA ( European Space Agency ) made the Ferrari and   designed to plunge to Earth once its fuel ran out.

Scientists say most of it would have burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere, but any surviving debris could have fallen somewhere along a path through East Asia and the Western Pacific to Antarctica.


Pudsy bear gets a celebrity makeover By Aniekan

Pudsy and his friends have had a makeover by five rock stars. There is a posh bear, a solder bear, a coldplay bear and ever seen pudsy in a bikini well now there is one because Dame Helen Mirrin has ignord winter and put her pudsy in a bikini, there is also a bike riding bearand a lepricon plus a sparkling bear and a bear with a telescope.

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