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Homework Helper- Egyptian gods

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Here are some really good god websites. Enjoy!





And the video




100 Word Challenge by Ania

The giant ape-like creature was getting closer and closer. ‘Quick! We must run!!’ I yelled deafeningly ‘COME ON!’  I grabbed hold of Sally’s arm and pulled. We ran down the cobblestone path, jumped over the rusty, iron gate and sprinted down the road. On our way we saw the old, wrinkled face of Farmer John.

‘Run! Run for your life!’ me and Sally yelled simultaneously.

‘Huh? What’s happening?’ replied John

‘Run! There is a wild monkey chasing us!’

Farmer John followed us as we galloped  for our lives. BANG! We looked behind us… There was a gun… There was monkey-man.

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Homework Helpers- Egyptian Toys/Games/ Mummification

Here are some websites…..



And here are some games about mummification- see how well you do!!



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Cool Hieroglyphics Websites

Hi here are two really good hieroglyphics websites…
P.S The write your name in hieroglyphics link doesn’t work

Giant ‘platypus-zilla’ fossil found in Australia by Ania

People are amazed  part of a giant platypus fossil has been found in Australia.

Scientists have nicknamed the  mysterious creature ‘platypus-zilla’ and say it would have been huge when compared to an ordinary platypus.  It really is giant measuring more than 1 metre long.Tests show the creature would have lived between five and 15 million years ago!

Prof Mike Archer, from the University of New South Wales in Australia,spoke to us earlier and said: “Suddenly up pops ‘playtpus-zilla’ – this gigantic monstrosity that you would have been afraid to swim with. “It indicates there are branches in the platypus family tree that we hadn’t suspected before.” Everyone is amazed.

Click here for original report and more information