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Suddenly out of nowhere I looked away for a moment then I looked back right there in the distance from was something. It came closer and closer and closer until it was 5 metres away. I was completely freaked out and I had nowhere to run I was shivering like mad. I wasn’t going to sleep well tonight but that is if I even stay alive and get to  cosy bed. It was big it was gruesome  it had yellow and green slime on it however it was a human a man. Had huge big bold eyes and elastic arms.



Beehive truck crashes releasing hundreds

A truck carrying beehives and honeycomb has crashed causing dangerous bees to esape.luckily no body got injured and all of the people were safe! However they were close to getting hurt because they tryed to over power the destructive bees. lately the bees have been very annoying and chotic because off that devestating crash. it id truly a heart bracking and stopping situation.