Ugly man!!!!! 100 word challenge

The giant ugly man was coming closer he had a pickaxe in his hand  ‘’let’s phone the police’’ I said and my friend replied ‘’yes let’s do that and and quick!!!!!!!!!’’

The man was getting closer and closer. The police finally came and it was my best friend mick he got his gun out. Wile me and my partner ran into the car. Hyperventilating in the back of  the car and screaming at the same time.

The police came over and said ‘’He just wants some friends because he only has a dog to talk to ’’OK’’  I said  sadly.

One thought on “Ugly man!!!!! 100 word challenge

  1. Mr Leatherdale (Team 100)

    Well done , Alfie, this was a very tense account. I liked the twist at the end, you made it so exciting and then the truth came out and made me realise what the man wanted. I wonder if your characters made friends with him in the end?
    A very enjoyable story, Alfie, thanks for sharing it.
    Mr Leatherdale (Team 100)

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