Tia’s 100 word challenge week 13

Chapter 2



Suddenly a voice screamed out.” Help!! The man said to the lady, let’s run for our lives!!” They can’t catch us anymore. Then all of a sudden, a massive, giant animal crept up them. “ what should we do” screamed the lady. “just be calm don’t panic. The animal was fierce and feisty like how dinosaurs were when they was alive. The man and girl sang a lullaby to the animal and it worked! The boy and girl ran around again and they was safe. Thank god said the girl to the boy. We are still alive. Hooray!!!

One thought on “Tia’s 100 word challenge week 13

  1. Mrs Tunnicliffe (Team 100WC)

    Well done Tia. Your characters were very quick thinking!
    I really liked how you built up tension by opening sentences with ‘suddenly…’ and ‘all of a sudden…’ You have also used speech marks very well.
    Just remember that when we write ‘They…’ we always follow with ‘They WERE…’ not, ‘They was…’

    Keep writing!
    Mrs Tunnicliffe,
    Portsmouth, England

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