The next chapter week 13 100wc By Nojus

We need to leave. RIGHT NOW!!


They started to sprint across the ordinary street they, leapt over fences, got in their car and drove away. However the figure did not leave their side, it was as if he could teleport. Once they entered the highway a truck was closing in like a bolder rolling down a cliff. Then suddenly they crashed into the woods. It was getting darker every second. The figure was still following. He had a plain face and a black suit. They ventured further into the devil like woods. We saw a note with one word SLENDERMAN!

2 thoughts on “The next chapter week 13 100wc By Nojus

  1. Mrs Goulbourne

    I really great chapter. I like your idea of teleporting!
    Superb use of similes too! Maybe think about using speech marks?
    Well Done
    Mrs Goulbourne, Liverpool

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