The Figure Of The Dark (100 word challenge Grace)

Suddenly the door opened just a bit and I got scared. I legged it but he caught me. A girl came up behind me and pushed me to the floor, I was petrified to see that face again. The two creepy people just got closer and closer till I could feel them breathing on me but it was too late and they bit me. I dropped to the floor and blood was dripping down my spine. My ghostly figure came out; I could see my body on the floor. The next thing I knew, well I was dead……  Sleep……… TIGHT!

One thought on “The Figure Of The Dark (100 word challenge Grace)

  1. MikeB (team 100wc - Essex, UK)

    Grace –

    Well, after that scary story, I’m not sure I’m going to sleep tight at all! You described very well the tension of the two people coming towards you, and I also liked your description of seeing your own body on the floor.

    A good piece of writing: well done.


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