Robyn 100 word challenge

As I turned around the rusty steel gate slammed shut. There was no escape! I couldn’t hear myself think the defining silence was roaring louder. As the moon rose higher into the midnight sky I felt an immense shiver run down my frail and shaken spine. As I looked down a reedy shadow emerged. I could feel my heart pounding wilder. As I turned round there he mounted, my worst nightmare there before my own eyes. His pale white face whiter than snow and his jet black eyes staring at me. His lingering words were ‘prepare to meet your end!’

3 thoughts on “Robyn 100 word challenge

  1. Mrs Prior - Team 100WC Shrewsbury UK

    Hi Robyn,
    This is a very scary piece of writing to go with the comic strip! I love all your use of adjectives which really help to describe the man and build up the tension. Super last line: His lingering words were “prepare to meet your end!”

    Just check through your work to see if you could put some commas in to separate parts of your sentences. This help your reader to make more sense of the writing.
    Well done this week.

  2. Sophie

    wow I loved it, it was really good with the suspense well done keep up the good work


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