risk it for life

As we were running the beast it was coming it was on its way I could here the rumbling and the smashing  of it as It was walking by cars were geting nocked over buildings getting torn down and destruction going on around me didn’t want to look behind me I didn’t want to know what was going on I just kept  running Breath breath I said to myself just breath and don’t look back I need to get away safely I new I would be in danger but i looked back anyway  jus willing to die Surprising it wasn’t there and I didn’t risk my life but I could still here the smashing of buildings crushing behind  me  I was so  in trouble…

One thought on “risk it for life

  1. 09nojusm

    Well done Holly.
    I enjoyed how you built up tension in your writing.

    Next time try to read through your work and check for missing capital letters, full stops and spelling mistakes.
    Good luck.

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