My 100 Word Challenge #13

The door slammed onto the floor. “You shall leave, NOW!!!” A man in a tuxedo with a rifle in his hands and barely any hair chasses us out of the house. Shooting the rifle at us, I duck down. My friend is shot. “NO! Michael!” I scream. I knew if I didn’t get out of the garden now, I was sure to end up like Michael. Crawling like an army man, I struggled to the road. I was safe. The man stopped shooting and went back into the house. Who was he? And why would he have an assault rifle?

One thought on “My 100 Word Challenge #13

  1. Miss Travers Team 100WC (Glasgow, Scotland)

    Well done Connor, this is a great response to the 100 word challenge this week! You’ve managed to fit lots of action into 100 words. Its as if you are reading my mind with your last 2 sentences! I would love to find out who he was and why he had an assault rifle?

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