Musomic evil 100 word challenge


Musomic said he need to get out of there but there is no back door to this house his mate Jim said. Then they started to panic so they ran as quick as a flash to break through the wooden walls so they could get out of the mad house. So they kept trying to break the walls but it was just not working for them so they decided that they to be stronger. So they tried the windows and it still did not work then they tried again and it work they wore glade they were out few.


One thought on “Musomic evil 100 word challenge

  1. Andrew Williams (Team100WC)


    Well done from writing a response to the prompt. There are a few mistakes in this and I suggest that you read this out loud to someone, you’ll probably find the mistakes yourself then.
    I’m glad that they got out ok.

    Team 100wc
    Hay-on-Wye, Wales

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