AS quick as a flash a wired looking figure  walking out laughing  your such a fool . Quicky let’s go he will want are figure for himself! Suddenly the figure ran yelling dragon’s get him. Then the dragon’s chased after him while popping  out head’s from every   were . Then Cosmo released that he had Posen in his back pack that as they vomited out blood every were. NO NOT MY BABBY’S! I’LL GET YOU BACK NEXT TIME.A-a-are y-y-you  o-o-ok. I think so said  Sam his friend. Later the blood  trickled back up and turned into a big bogy  what will happen next?…

One thought on “dragon’s

  1. Tracey Ananmalay


    Thank you for publishing your story for us to enjoy. The action picked up very quickly! I liked that you used descriptive words such as “trickled”, “weird”, and “quick as a flash”.

    When your characters are speaking remember to use speech marks to let your reader know that they are talking such as:

    Suddenly the figure ran yelling, “Dragons, get him!”

    Keep up your writing!

    Tracey Ananmalay
    Team 100WC
    San José, California

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