danielle 100 word chalenge week 13

Chapter 2


Suddenly a voice cried out “I’m coming to murder you”. He said this in a loud voice, so loud that the farther Christmas could hear. As the man and the lady were running for their lives so the murderer couldn’t catch them. But all of a sudden a wolf jumped out and scared the lives out of them. But in the end they realised that the wolf was just a small dog going for a walk. Then they looked at the face of the man walking the dog and they realised that it was the murderer from hell.

One thought on “danielle 100 word chalenge week 13

  1. Mrs Grantham (Team 100wc)

    Hi Danielle,
    This is a good try at the next chapter in the comic book and you have added some festivity with your mention of Father Christmas. Well done

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