chapter 2 by jacob and andrew

Suddenly the man turned into a werewolf and started to bark and came running to a man called Jacob. He had muscled body and face, he was very brave and furious because he got attack by a wolf, He had 2 rip of sleeves and shorts that were jean like. He then saved the laddie and man so they didn’t get killed and then went in to his car were they could be safe. But he was still after them because he wanted them to be prisoners. They still weren’t safe ,he new were they were. Jacob didn’t give up.

One thought on “chapter 2 by jacob and andrew

  1. Mrs DW Team 100 - Torquay

    Well I can see that you are a Twilight fan, as the reference to Jacob comes through. There we some minor spelling mistakes that you must check before publishing, “2 rip of” .

    But an interesting twist to the story about wanting to take prisoners.

    Well done.

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