100 word challenge by sophie

BANG!!! I was slowly tumbling to the ground. I saw this faint dark shadow lurking towards me. My heart was beating so fast I could barely breathe. Then a ringing noise was thudding in my ear. The next minute I was running down a cobblestone path and opening an iron gate. I ran as fast as I could although, I smacked into a man with a horrid face I froze in fear he started chasing me down the hill until he pulled me down with him. Thinking he was going to kill me, Sam had shot him he saved me…



One thought on “100 word challenge by sophie

  1. Ms Woodgate (Team100WC) Maidstone,UK

    Hello Sophie,

    Great work on this week’s 100 WC. You have really been inspired by the images and continued a tense and exciting storyline. I especially like your use of descriptive vocabulary and a wide range of vocabulary. It is worth thinking about all your senses when describing a scene, particularly scent can add extra drama. You have created a really wonderful piece of writing, keep up the good work.

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