100 word challenge by Esha

The door creaked open! My heart started pounding, my cheeks went red and my pulse got quicker every second… The shadow of a man was now in sight.! His face was like a monster, blood trickled down him and his height was as tall as a skyscraper. We stood there in silence that was roaring at us. AAAHHH! Haunted screams came from inside, he clicked his knuckles. My mind was telling me danger was near but my heart rejected it, I was to petrified to move. He glared at us and slowly stepped nearer and nearer. “The names Dr DEATH”

One thought on “100 word challenge by Esha

  1. Andy Knill Team 100WC

    Esha, you set a spine tingling atmosphere and I am left expecting the worst. Great writing,well done.

    Andy Knill Team 100WC, Essex, UK

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