100 word chalenge: oh no

Down and deep in a world of imagination tiny creatures and people have a life of there own.

NENENENENENENENNENENENN the alarm went of the king of the blues have had enough of this the king of the reds have had enough of this “call out the builders” they announced the builders to jerry and meme were called out to go see why the alarm went of they travelled all around the kingdom searching for trouble. over in the distance they herd a voice calling for help it was humpy dumpy but not any humpty dumpy its was a chocolate humpty dumpty and he seemed to be in a bit of a pity he was cracked open on the ground nearby a wall this seemed to much damage for the builders to fix the king called every one from the kingdom to com and have a taste of humpty dumpty.

Times table practice By Tia

“Have you seen on the school website there is times table games? I tried a few and they really help you with your times tables you don’t know. If you need help with your times tables, go onto the school website and on the left side of the page click on ‘ times tables practice’ and a few games will come up. Hope this is useful.”